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vaultware TMS connect software Built for Protection.  Built for Assurance.
tape management system

Data Security Corporation is proud to offer a new add-on module that enables us to manage the unique storage and retrieval requirements of clients with mainframe tape management systems (TMS).

Data Security Corporation's TMS Connect software makes it possible for DSC to service high volume accounts with significant labor-saving efficiency and 100% accuracy. The software provides a valuable service link between DSC and TMS clients.  

Once the VaultWare TMS interface software is installed in your data center, it taps into and extracts tape movement information from the daily TMS Pick and Distribution reports. Having this information in the form of computer data instead of just having printed reports is the key.

  • TMS data is transmitted from the data center to DSC via FTP transfer.
  • TMS Connect then grabs the list of tapes that TMS has requested to be returned and uses it to automatically create the delivery order.
  • This list is also used to help verify that every tape that TMS requested to be sent off-site was correctly prepared and handled. This is accomplished by scanning the tape bar codes and running a program that compares the scanned tape list with the TMS list and reports any discrepancies.

The bottom line is that TMS Connect helps Data Security Corporation handle high volume TMS accounts efficiently. It also ensures that the proper procedures are in place to verify that all TMS tape movement directives are being performed with maximum accuracy.

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