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Built for Protection.  Built for Assurance. vault storage facility in Puyallup near Tacoma
DSC Vault | Vault Storage
The ultimate in security and environmental protection: Our vault is constructed of solid concrete with steel bar reinforcement horizontally and vertically throughout the walls and concrete roof. Optimum internal storage conditions are maintained with the contents under a constant temperature and humidity controlled environment. DSC also utilizes a Halon Fire Extinguishing System eliminating the possibility of water damage caused by standard water-based fire extinguishing systems. The facility is monitored with motion and infrared detection for the safe keeping of all records. Secure storage space features controlled access, in door loading dock, motion detection, with 24-hour monitoring of both the access control system and fire detection system. Your vital records are made available seven days a week, 24 hours a day.


The cornerstone of DSC's offsite storage business is our facility. We have gone to great lengths to insure the proper protection of your media through our site selection, Facility construction, security, environmental and fire protection systems.

Our stand-alone, fireproof facility is located near Tacoma, WA in a low profile, light industrial business park with quick access to all major business centers in the greater Thurston, Pierce and South King County areas.

Building Vault Construction
The facility is a modern (constructed in Puyallup using zone 4 seismic construction) solid concrete tilt up warehouse building with grade level doors ideally suited for indoor loading and unloading of vehicles.

Our facility's security program integrates card access, intrusion detection and video surveillance. The security system is monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by a UL listed, central station monitoring firm.

Fire Protection
Our fire protection system offers you the best of both worlds for the protection of our facility and your data. The vault is protected by a Halon Fire Extinguishing system only, while the outer facility is protected by a water sprinkler system.

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